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Hosted Private Cloud

As demand grows, digital transformation is becoming a most among businesses of all sizes. As a hosting provider, we understand that services like the Cloud allow organizations to break down conventional business boundaries in a cost-effective and efficient manner. SMEs can obtain great benefits from our Cloud Solutions, including greater capabilities for storage, memory and other networking/computing resources.

What are we offering? Our main goal is to provide you with hyper-scalable Private Cloud Solutions that will allow your business to successfully meet all your operation’s critical objectives. We put a great effort into creating a fully customizable solution with multiple virtualization platforms for you to choose from, within a highly secure and top-notch data center facility. No matter your requirements, we can build a scalable and affordable package carefully tailored to your needs and goals.

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Cloud Services Benefits

Private Hyperscale

We use VMWare multi-virtualization technology to erect powerful resources for your disposal! It’s like having a data center in the sky!

Disaster recovery

Secure your future with our unique disaster recovery policy! Protecting your business and data at all costs!

Firewall (security)

Data security for all Enterprises! Impenetrable security for your investment!


We always backup your data! It’s the smart thing to do!


Eliminate every point of failure and guarantee 100% uptime. DDoS-protected at its finest!

Ultra-fast bandwidth

Faster than greased lightning! We’ll get you there, quick and easy!

Multiple virtualization technology available

Multi-platform functionality and exceptional support! Effortlessly manage your data!

Data center compliance

Compliance to all basic data center requirements and much more! We are dedicated to data, technology, and service optimization! Cloud services for future success!

A cloud for everyone

We are dedicated to fulfilling your goals! Solutions to your specific needs!

Power and Flexibility

Servers as powerful as locomotives and the flexibility and adaptability of the cloud.

Privacy and Scale

The security of private cloud services and the vastness of hyperscale resources! The world at your disposal.

Managed Services

Fully managed and ready to start operations!