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Powerful managed cloud solutions for your business

As demand grows, digital transformation is becoming a most among businesses of all sizes. As a hosting provider, we understand that services like the Cloud allow organizations to break down conventional business boundaries in a cost-effective and efficient manner. SMEs can obtain great benefits from our Cloud Solutions, including greater capabilities for storage, memory and other networking/computing resources.

What are we offering?

Our main goal is to provide you with hyper-scalable Private Cloud Solutions that will allow your business to successfully meet all your operation’s critical objectives. We put a great effort into creating a fully customizable solution with multiple virtualization platforms for you to choose from, within a highly secure and top-notch data center facility. No matter your requirements, we can build a scalable and affordable package carefully tailored to your needs and goals.


VMware Technology

VMWare installs a hypervisor on a physical server. This allows multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) to run on the same physical server. Each VM runs its own OS and performs multiple tasks. This increases productivity and resource management.

We use VMWare multi-virtualization technology to erect robust resources for your disposal! It’s like having a data center in the sky!

Because VMWare relies in applications to do the work, as opposed to a physical server, it brings numerous benefits to your table:

  • Increased Resource Management: spread your workload across resources that have now been freed due to app use.
  • Cost Reduction: Since VMWare relies on virtualization technology, your harware costs are reduced drastically!
  • Performance enhancement: Not only are your tasks better managed, your server performance will also be enhanced and downtimes will be reduced (or eliminated).
  • Compatibility: VMWare virtual machines allow several OS to run simultaneously. This means you can run different OS on the same server, use backwards compatibility with older OS apps, and perform cross platform multitasking!
  • Exponential Growth: VMWare causes an automatic update on all your protocols and procedures. Your business has no other choice but to grow once it has assimilated your new technology!

High Availability

We guarantee continuous system operations. We eliminate every point of failure and eradicate downtimes. Our built-in redundancy enables backup components to take over any disruption point. Not only that! We run continuous failure detection protocols, and preemptively run support and maintenance. Experience 99.99% uptime!

As part of our High Availability infrastructure, all of the Cloud Hardware nodes have redundant power sources, backed up by redundant UPS and Generator. Our Hosted Cloud service has a fully redundant network architecture which consists of redundant switches and backbone routers, which utilizing fully redundant carriers via BGP including multiple Internet Exchanges.

Finally, our High Availability policy provides data restoration, improved collaboration, accessibility, and low maintenance requirements.

Cutting-edge Security

Our Hosted Cloud service is designed with the latest security implementation. The entire infrastructure is guarded behind a fully redundant Cisco Firewall with advanced intrusion detection and DDoS protection.
All of our Cloud Hardware nodes are constantly updated with the latest software and security patches to ensure maximum security.

Secure your future with our high-end solutions! After all, protecting your investment is our no. 1 priority.

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Fully Managed

All is taken care of for you by our highly skilled team of experts working on your behalf.

From setups to updates and backups. From data migration to maintenance, and full optimization. We manage all your cloud components to maintain peak performance 24/7. There is no compromise when your peace of mind is our objective.

Simplicity Meets Performance

The highest performance at the smallest budgets. Solutions as powerful and simple as locomotives, with all the flexibility and adaptability of the cloud.

We maintain accessible prices by promoting smart layouts and task management. We emphasize the same philosophy in our cloud infrastructures and services.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed!

We reduce downtime to a minimum, and keep your services available and operational 24/7.

To do so, we maintain a strict surveillance over our facility and equipment, perform periodic checkups, and update all necessary components.

Custom Solutions

We integrated many exclusive features in order to bring custom solutions to your IT needs. Our Cloud solutions deliver some of the most flexible and innovative solutions to your network.

For example, we take your current infrastructure, then after a thorough analysis, we tailor an optimized solution according to your every need.

Ultra-fast bandwidth

Faster than greased lightning! We’ll get you there, quick and easy! Your websites and applications will load faster than ever, tremendously improving your user experience.

Not only will your content load faster, your tasks and applications will also improve response times and accuracy. Eliminate lag times and unresponsive requests.

Data Center Compliance

Compliance to all basic data center requirements and much more! We are dedicated to data, technology, and service optimization! Cloud services for future success!

Cloud and data center integration is imminent and necessary. We pave the way by adhering all our cloud services to data center standards.

Cloud Technology

A Cloud for Everyone!

We are dedicated to fulfilling your goals!
Solutions carefully tailored to your specific needs and more!

Privacy and Scale

The security of private cloud services and the vastness of hyperscale resources! You get Impenetrable security for your investment and plenty of room to grow. It’s like the world at your disposal.
Explore the endless possibilities of unlimited cloud resources.

Multiple Virtualization Technology Available

Multi-platform functionality and exceptional support! Effortlessly process your data, program your tasks, and manage your resources. Within the cloud anything is possible.

Operational Excellence

We offer a Tier3 -Tier4 SLA, supported by an enterprise Network infrastructure and Redundant supply of Power. We adhere to the highest standards and all quality assurance protocols. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is a top priority.

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