Meet Me Room


Meet-Me-Room is a dedicated computer room and cable network that provides fast and reliable connectivity between telecom providers and our data center’s clients.

Whitelabel ITSolutions Meet Me Room, powered by multiple Peering Exchange Points, is an innovative and powerful web collaboration solution with feature rich content sharing capabilities that bring new ideas to life while integrating easily with everyday workflows. With quick setup and flexible subscription plans, you can buy now and start collaborating today!

  • Easy set up makes deployment quick and error-free. No hardware installation needed.
  • Monthly and Annual Pre-Pay pricing subscription options available.

Our Two Main Locations

New York Location: 60 Hudson

Below is a list of carriers and content providers in the 60 Hudson Building Exchange carrier hotel in New York, NY. 60 Hudson is the home of the New York Internet Exchange, and also has a vast number of carriers.

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Secaucus, NJ Location

Below is a list of content providers, telecom companies, and network service providers within the facility that hosts our Secaucus, NJ data center.

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Additional Features

Peer Exchange

Being a part of this Internet Peering Exchange will bring Whitelabel ITSolutions “inside” core facilities while giving customers the option to cross connect to many active IP networks operated by other providers in their centers. Whitelabel ITSolutions now has access to these networks as they are instrumental to our customers’ growth. The Internet Peering Exchange allows Whitelabel ITSolutions to provide even more choice to our customers looking for more high quality IP network peering points using the Peering Internet Exchange.

The Internet Peering Exchange is a neutral, privately owned and managed packet and Internet exchange, providing a high performance Internet peering fabric for participants. It allows customers to reduce operating costs by aggregating ISPs, content providers, enterprises and others on a single highly available service platform so that Internet traffic may have direct access to destination networks.

Direct peering increases the speed and reliability of the exchange of communication. Whitelabel ITSolutions is taking out the middleman and providing clients with a direct connection to the top organizations in the market place. Routing to content and service providers allows the company to deliver low latency between clients and other service providers.

Why Meet-Me-Room Connection is Convenient

Speed: Cross-connection in 2 hours. Equipment installation within 24 hours. Expedited Cross-connect setups, and equipment installation.

Transparency: Access to network status monitoring, personal cross-log and application management system in the Personal Account.

Flexibility: Technical support and smart-hands option in 24х7х365 mode.

  • Isolated rooms for active and passive equipment
  • Two independent telecommunication inputs
  • Uninterruptible AC/DC power supply
  • Fast connection to new telecom operators
  • Cost reduction for last mile laying
  • Access to a wide pool of telecom providers