GeoTrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust SSL Certificates


Starting at
$29.00 /  yr.
Issued in minutes, easy set up and install. Ideal for just getting started and is cost-effective.


Starting at
$89.00 /  yr.
A low-priced, value-branded SSL certificate delivered to you within 10 minutes.

QuickSSL Premium

Starting at
$119.00 /  yr.
A low-priced certificate issued in minutes with an extended warranty and a dynamic True Site Seal.

True BusinessID

Starting at
$134.00 /  yr.
Protection and assurance to your customers that your site is trustworthy and secure.

True BusinessID with EV

Starting at
$169.00 /  yr.
Only Extended Validation SSL Certificates trigger the green bar in high-security web browsers.

True BusinessID Wildcard

Starting at
$549.00 /  yr.
Affordable and flexible SSL security for unlimited sites on a single server.

Plan Comparison Chart

RapidSSLQuickSSLQuickSSL PremiumTrue BusinessIDTrue BusinessID w/ EV (recommended)True BusinessID Wildcard
Validation TypeDomainDomainDomainOrganizationExtendedOrganization
Trust LevelStandardStandardStandardDeluxePremiumDeluxe
Brand RecognitionModerateMediumMediumMediumMediumMedium
Green Bar----Yes-
Subdomains SecuredSingleSingleSingleSingleSingleUnlimited
Issuance1-2 hours10 minutes10 minutes1-2 days1-10 days1-2 days
Validity Options1-4 years1-4 years1-4 years1-4 years1-2 years1-4 years
Site SealStaticStaticDynamicDynamicDynamicDynamic
Server gated Cryptography----Yes-
SSL Encryptionup to 256-bitup to 256-bitup to 256-bitup to 256-bitup to 256-bitup to 256-bit
99% Browser CompatibilityYesYesYesYesYesYes
Browser Security LockYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mobile Device Compatibility--YesYesYesYes
IDN Support------
EV Upgrader----Yes-
InstallationQuick & easyQuick & easyQuick & easyQuick & easyQuick & easyQuick & easy
Free Customer SupportYesYesYesYesYesYes
Auto Renewal reminders and early renewal benefitsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Revocation and ReplacementFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Free Refund7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days