Our team of highly-skilled professionals excel at designing and implementing the perfect solution for your personal or business needs. Businesses choose Whitelabel ITSolutions because they know that colocation and connectivity should come with optionality, and that they can grow cost-effectively in major metros while still accessing an ecosystem of network connections and IT providers they need. Our NJ Data Center, Network Operations Center (NOC) is fully-staffed 24/7 to assist you with everything from routine memory upgrades to advanced systems troubleshooting.



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Secured Solutions

At Whitelabel ITSolutions, we know that properly protecting your valuable assets is fundamental to your organization’s success. See how we assure your critical equipment and data are protected with our comprehensive security features.

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Personalized Colocation

Whitelabel ITSolutions NJ Data Center customizes our services to best suit the needs of your business. Instead of having to store your company servers in-house, your data can be securely stored in our fully redundant colocation servers where you can easily access your data at any time.

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Why Choose Whitelabel ITSolutions?


Colocation facilities should be able to support your future growth. Our colocation solutions are built with scalability and flexibility in mind, designed for mission from single server colocation to full custom colocation cage space. Whether you start small and need to expand, move into a new market, have a build-to-suit requirement, we work hard to find solutions to support nearly any need.


Whitelabel ITSolutions has connections to Tier1 providers, as well as multiple Internet Exchanges to ensure lowest latency and highest uptime for its clients. Leverage direct connections and gain access to hundreds of businesses within our data centers.


Our premium New Jersey location, strategically and perfectly located away from natural disaster, man-initiated and terrorist threat zones. Security and regulatory requirements are a major concern for most organizations. Whitelabel ITSolutions data center colocation provides comprehensive measures to meet these requirements. On-site premises features security measures such as 24/7 digital video monitoring and biometric key cards.

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Building A Long Lasting Enterprise During Times Of Coronavirus

Although current times are hard, Whitelabel ITSolutions offer services to build strong, long lasting businesses. Something remains as true today as it did the day that COVID-19 made its big entrance into our lives, the world will never be the same. With it many more complications followed, not only health…

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The Importance of Scalability…

Planning is one thing and implementing in another in regards to your IT infrastructure. It is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. Having a plan for your IT infrastructure can lay the foundation for future growth, blooming new business opportunities. Knowing when to scale…

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How Colocation Can Benefit Your IT Team

Determining where to establish your company’s infrastructure and point of connection is a critical decision for any business. Any business that wants to remain competitive must rely on strong IT support leaving as little as possible up to chance. If you are planning your IT infrastructure, you may be tempted…

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