Why the Colocation Market is Booming
Why the Colocation Market is Booming

Key Colocation Market Trends to Look Out For

When the pandemic started, many businesses leaped at the opportunity to ensure their businesses remained reliable and connected while their employees worked remotely. Now that we are in a post-pandemic world, the remnants of the work-from-home environment have further accelerated the colocation market’s growth. Here are four key colocation market trends to watch out for.

Digital Transformation

The work-from-home environment from the past year expedited the need for technology to meet new business requests. Colocation assisted companies in meeting these changing demands and provided them with a workable solution to allow employees to work efficiently during times of uncertainty.

Remote Work

Many companies are choosing to continue remote workdays or are going remote full-time. Colocation offers these businesses the optimal tools to stay connected, reliable, and secure by co-locating their IT infrastructure to a state-of-the-art data center like Whitelabel ITSolutions. With data centers, businesses can rent out space for their privately-owned servers and computing hardware. The data center provides high bandwidth, 99.99% uptime, cooling, and 24/7 security to ensure your mission-critical workload continues undisturbed.


The importance of sustainability has grown in 2021 as companies pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. Colocation is a green solution, utilizing renewable energy sources and advanced cooling systems operated with smart sensors to optimize airflow throughout the building. This helps reduce carbon footprints and furthers the company’s mission to protect the environment.

Edge Computing

A huge opportunity for data centers to take advantage of is edge computing. Implementing edge architectures throughout a colocation facility that involves hybrid cloud frameworks will allow them to capture companies that host their workloads in the public cloud or on-site.

Businesses that partner with a colocation facility that supports edge computing for hybrid frameworks—such as Outposts and Azure Stacks—will benefit from ultra-low latency and highly secure data privacy opportunities.

Colocation Solutions for Your Business

Whitelabel ITSolutions is your go-to colocation hosting provider. We offer customizable and competitive colocation solutions that are fast, secure, and reliable to fit your mission-critical requirements. Explore our plans now or request a free quote to get started.

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