Why Is Data Center Security Important?
Why Is Data Center Security Important?

The process of storing and processing data has dramatically changed over the last years, but one thing hasn’t changed the importance of keeping that information safe.

A data center is a space dedicated to store an organization´s entire IT infrastructure. This facility may offer many solutions such as web hosting, dedicated hosting, managed services and many more, but the most essential service that this facility must offer is to store all critical data secure. Data center security has to do with all the practices, policies and technologies used to assure the protection on both the physical and virtual infrastructure; all measures are meant to protect the facility from external and internal threats.

Since cybercrime has been always imminent, which is why the physical security of the building, managing and restricting access to the facility and all security measures as well as protocols need to be carefully designed and tested to prevent data loss, alteration and/or corruption, DDoS attacks, among many others. A building can strive for maximum security with a remote location, surveillance systems, multiple authentication methods and security guards, but without proper security policies, there’s no guarantee that the facility is protected at all from threats; all levels of security need to work together and be constantly tested and updated to ensure effectiveness.

One way to determine a data center provider’s level of security is by basing it on their “tier”; the higher the tier the more complex its measures and protocols are not just for security but for all its practices overall. Keeping your entire IT infrastructure safe is our main goal, which is why Whitelabel ITSolutions is the number one colocation and hosting provider in America. Our data center facility located in New York City offer industry-specific experience delivering best-in-class security, compliance, flexibility, and scale. Whether it’s financial services, government, retail or healthcare, Whitelabel ITSolutions Data Solutions is one of the best-connected and most scalable offerings on the Eastern Seaboard, offering businesses the ability to meet their most challenging IT requirements that drive digital transformation.

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