Why Do Companies Need Cyber-security Culture?
Why Do Companies Need Cyber-security Culture?

In a world that is more dependent than ever on online resources, the first line of defense is building a cyber-security culture.  

Technology has grown faster in the last decade, which is the reason why cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated. Companies of all sizes need to be aware of the consequences if a cyber-security culture is not implemented.

Businesses today are  investing heavily in cyber-security systems, but little they know that the top  risks for many organizations are their own employees. Cyber-criminals will likely perform most attacks on an organization using phishing emails and any other similar tactics.

Your employees should be your first line of defense, the reason is very simple, they are the ones with everyday access to many of the company’s computers, networks and systems, which means they play an important part in building resilience in the threat landscape.

No employee will ever put their company at risk on purpose, but they are in need of training and guidance to avoid different types of cyber-crime. Companies need to work on building a security culture, including:

  • Spend more time raising awareness about possible cyber risks and their implications.
  • Enforce safe cyber-security procedures that will assimilate easily with employees’ daily work routines and practices.

Since humans are the common denominator in all organizations, it is very important to build cyber-security culture. Security training needs to be more than a just an annual requirement. It needs to be an interactive and engaging experience that will solidify its role in the security posture of the organization. For everything else, Whitelabel ITSolutions has the best security services in the market at affordable prices.

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