Whitelabel ITSolutions Launches New And Improved OpenVZ, KVM And Xen Hosting Packages
Whitelabel ITSolutions Launches New And Improved OpenVZ, KVM And Xen Hosting Packages

With minds set to always deliver the best services to our clientele, Whitelabel ITSolutions lunches new and improved OPENVZ, KVM and XEN VPS hosting packages.

Here at Whitelabel ITSolutions we are always trying to come up with new and improved ways to service our customers with great products. This is the reason why we are launching once again new and better OpenVZ, KVM and XEN hosting services; each delivering top of the line features tailored to your specific needs. Each platform has something complete different to offer, that´s why you will have our team of certified engineers (with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted hosting services) to guide you every step of the way. As we say before each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, the key is to find which one fits best your purposes.

OpenVZ is a Linux based virtualization platform based on the Linux Kernel. It allows a physical server to run multiple isolated operating system instances known as containers. OpenVZ can only run Linux based operating systems such as Centos, Fedora, Gentoo, and Debian. One disadvantage of OpenVZ users is not able to make any kernel modifications. All virtual servers have to get along with the kernel version the host runs on. However because it doesn’t have the overhead of a true hypervisor it is very fast and efficient over other platforms.

KVM represents a full hardware virtualization platform with loadable kernel modules, giving users the freedom to run a range of Linux distros with any kernel. Each virtual machine has private virtualized hardware including network card, disk and graphics adapter, and with no possibility of overselling, you get guaranteed resources at your disposal any time. KVM has a lot of features and is similar in certain ways to Xen, as in it supports Paravirtualization via the VirtIO framework.

Xen is the commonly used name for the Xen Project hypervisor. It is currently developed by the Linux Foundation with support from Intel. Similar to KVM, it aims to provide a mechanism through which the Linux kernel can be used as a hypervisor when virtualizing computer systems.

Whitelabel ITSolutions the number one Colocation and Hosting provider in the United States, offers amazing OpenVZ, KVM and Xen VPS hosting packages with multiple yet unique features. When hiring our services you will get a fully scalable environment, full root access, managed support, the latest Windows and UNIX OS. Our security is the best, with our redundant systems, comprehensive security measures you may rest assured of the safety of your data, including firewalls that are PCI Compliant. Whitelabel ITSolutions provides low latency with better and faster routes to all major ISP such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, as well as many VOIP and financial hubs; our Enhanced BGP routing will guaranty you the best network performance possible.


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Established in 2015, Whitelabel ITSolutions is one of the most reliable collocation hosting providers in the United States. With our main data centers in New Jersey, Whitelabel ITSolutions is staffed with a certified team of engineers with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted collocation hosting service. Whether you need a server, backup services or a place to host your full IT infrastructure, Whitelabel ITSolutions will be able to provide a plan for you all with an unparalleled 24/7 customer support available whenever and wherever our clients need it.


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