Whitelabel ITSolutions Celebrates Earth Day 2020
Whitelabel ITSolutions Celebrates Earth Day 2020

Earth day is here and data centers all around the world are concern about the environmental impact of their operations.

As any other company around the world data centers are doing tremendous efforts in reducing their environmental impact. Yes, IT professionals do care about the environment; we are aware that data center facilities are among the largest consumers of electrical power which is produced by non-renewable resources like fossil fuel. Our current situation with COVID-19 epidemic has put the IT industry on display; almost every business on the globe has shifted operations to WFH (Work-From-Home) however the need for ISP, Hosting Providers, Data Centers and all sorts of streaming platforms is more important than ever before. Hospitals, schools, banks just to mention a few, today are highly dependable on data center solutions since all work has been move to a virtual environment. On top of it all, this has created a massive need for electrical energy and since data centers are working full capacity the consumption of it has increased significantly.
Still, great efforts are being done by the IT industry to use and support sustainable energy resources and projects. We understand that data centers might not harm the environment the same way as other industries do, but we do use large amounts of fossil fuels; we have a responsibility to implement better practices in our facilities that will reduce the carbon footprint that is being generated; data centers’ systems in the 2020 should be designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. Although sustainable practices have shown many challenges specially when it comes to high performance systems; data centers are doing their best to implement them. Whitelabel ITSolutions number one colocation and hosting provider in America, celebrates Earth day 2020. We are raising awareness by implementing practices which include energy efficient hardware, cooling and power systems that benefit our environment.

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