What Are The Business Benefits of Colocation?
What Are The Business Benefits of Colocation?

Colocation solutions offer many advantages for your business; it is the perfect plan to address all of your IT infrastructure needs.

Colocation is a secure data center facility where equipment, servers, space and bandwidth are available for rent. Before it was thought that it was the ideal solution for all of those small companies that couldn´t afford building their own place, but now due to its many advantages companies of all sizes are starting to look for this particular solution, even large corporations. Here are some of the benefits that organizations are attracted to:

  • Flexibility. Companies are turning to colocation because of its scalable environment, which means that they can acquire a package today and later scale it up or down according to their needs. Colocation can accommodate to changing customers; this solution allows customers to make long-term plans without the risk of making a significant capital investment.


  • Interconnectivity options. Many colocation providers are carrier neutral data center that provides a wide range of connectivity options; many companies are migrating to colocation due to its connectivity advantages. Multiple service providers and network services to choose from allows colocation customers to meet their needs as well as enjoy better prices.


  • Reliability. Colocation services offer high-end power and cooling infrastructure to keep your equipment running efficiently without failure. Downtime can be devastating for a business, your reputation can be at risk… uptime can vary from provider but a facility with a good track record can actually guarantee 99.99% uptime.


  • Security and compliance. One of the most important goals of any organization from big to small is to keep its data secure; colocation data center have state-of-the-art security to avoid any possible breach. It also has policies and controls to meet a variety of compliance standards.

Benefits of colocation are many; outsourcing is not only a cost-effective solution but a great way for companies to focus on other areas of the business instead of handling IT matters.

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