A Few Ways A Business Can Burn Through Bandwidth
A Few Ways A Business Can Burn Through Bandwidth

Today more than ever everything is high-definition, 4K TVs, Netflix just to mention a few; and it’s easy to forget about the amount of bandwidth that all of this burns. Gamers and movie fans can eat up to 40GB in a month without noticing, that´s assuming you don’t use the internet for anything else, at all, ever and it´s similar in an office.

The most common ways to consume your bandwidth are stream videos, games, apps that burn up data, and connecting many users to a single WiFi network. Some providers charge extra for consuming extra bandwidth but if you are running on a low budget try to minimize the data consumption like for example control the amount of time your staff uses the network for watching videos or don’t let them watch them at all depending on the business you are running; only allow a certain number of people in your WiFi network and make sure you know what are they using it for; stay on top of international rates and options.

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