Uptime is Priority for Every Business
Uptime is Priority for Every Business

Current trends show there’s already pressure for IT professionals and data center managers to maintain a high rate of uptime, the demand will be even more intense. The expectation will be for 100 percent uptime, as internet connectivity — especially with the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) — will become essential for everyday living, as projected by experts.

Business disruptions aren’t just an inconvenience for customers, they can have some lasting effects on the business. Real-world incidents such as fire and flood, or digital threats like malware attacks or coding errors can damage the company brand. 

By definition, disaster occurrences are unforeseeable occurrences, and they come along in a variety of forms. Here are the top three most common causes of downtime:  

Human Error  

In a digital landscape, computers and technology may drive a significant number of processes; however, companies depend on people to perform critical tasks associated with technology, and people are subject to human error.  

Equipment Failure  

The equipment businesses use to run their digital systems can suffer from degradation over time or susceptibility that renders the systems inoperable or contaminated. Both hardware and software can be affected by various issues such as poor maintenance, system overloads, bugs in the OS, leading to erroneous functionality.

Natural Disasters  

We don’t have to look far to see the impact of natural disasters across the nation. In the last four decades, the frequency of natural disasters recorded by the Emergency Events Database has increased almost three-fold. Companies cannot afford to be complacent about making a disaster recovery plan.  

Financial losses can be massive, and in many cases, they threaten the livelihood of organizations. Network downtimecan cost businesses tens of if not hundreds of thousands per hour, which could leave a staggering impact for nearly any business.   To provide ongoing reliability and resiliency, companies must engage in business continuity planning and develop comprehensive disaster recovery practices during and after a crisis event.    

The pace of business is accelerating, and the world is a bigger playing field than it was two decades ago. IT departments have an increasingly difficult task to stay ahead of the curve. The need for proper backup and data redundancy is often a great motivator for the colocation trend. Data centers and colocation services were designed specifically for this purpose, providing easily expandable storage for companies migrating their IT infrastructure, with high SLA uptime reliability.
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