Understanding Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Understanding Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Many people don’t quite understand what a content delivery network actually is and the impact it can have on their website. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are a crucial part of any internet business strategy; is a large, geographically distributed network of specialized servers that accelerate the delivery of web content and rich media to internet-connected devices. Many think you don’t need web hosting when you are getting CDN, well let me tell you that’s wrong. You actually do need it, since a CDN only helps improve your website. What Content Delivery Network does is that with help of a web hosting account speeds up your website and improves your users’ experience.

Many don’t know this but we are actually interacting with CDN every single day, when you use YouTube for example. They are the backbone of online content delivery, without which the online world would not function as fast as it does today. Some of the wonderful benefits of Content Delivery Network are that it solves latency issues, time-outs are minimized, bandwidth is highly optimized and there is less loss in data packet. Even when bandwidth is limited or there is a significant spike in website traffic, the end users can receive the requested content efficiently. This is due to the fact that a CDN calculates which server is located nearest to the requesting end user and uses that calculation to distribute the requested content.

From where you are standing CDN is a great benefit for your business, it leads to a faster website and has better performance which in other words can translate to a successful business. With it you can reach millions of users across the globe, making your content available to everyone.

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