Transformation of Single Server Colocation
Transformation of Single Server Colocation

The Impact of Single Server Colocation for Small Businesses

Operating a small business comes with many responsibilities, including safeguarding your data. If your business has one or a small number of servers housing your data, the best way to protect it is with a single server colocation. As the name suggests, a single server is one physical server in a data center where it is typically kept on a rack with multiple other servers that belong to different businesses and individuals.

At Whitelabel ITSolutions, our company adds value to small businesses. We offer multiple flexibilities, including scalability, to deliver the opportunity for the client to start with our lowest package and then upgrade as their business grows. When a small business co-locates their single server to our data center, they’ll only pay for the space they are using and never are forced into paying additional space, unlike other companies.

Why Use Colocation for a Single Server?

Using colocation for a single server or a small number of servers owned by a business provides many benefits. While a business is more than capable of hosting its server, a data center’s services can’t be beaten. Not only will a data center save you money from hidden costs, but it will also provide the proper infrastructure, backup power, synchronous internet, regular maintenance, security, IT experts, and room for your business to expand.


Data centers offer your small business a 99.99% uptime achieved by monitoring and maintaining power, cooling, and internet connections. Finding a quality data center with the best reliability history is essential to saving your business’s bottom line.


Physical and cybersecurity threats can put your small business and its server in danger. Co-locating your single server to a data center protects it offsite from your central location in case of fire, floods, and theft. Single servers are secured in lockable server racks with limited access to who can open them and 24/7 external and internal CCTV surveillance. Colocation gives a business control over their data while ensuring their well-being is protected.


Every business, especially a small business, seeks to cut their costs and increase their profit margins. Data centers are an excellent way for businesses to save money. They split costs across all their customers, allowing competitive colocation plans to be provided at lower prices with fixed and inclusive offerings. By leaving data management to the professionals, you’ll be able to focus and use your valuable time doing what you do best.


As your business grows, expanding your own data center can be expensive. You’ll need to hire a contractor, purchase extra space, or make room in your existing building to house more servers. Not only that, but add on additional security and power, and you’ll see your cost sheets skyrocket.

When a business uses a colocation service, it will save them money from any expansion costs. Data centers are built to accommodate a vast number of servers all at once, and there is plenty of room to expand and grow your business needs.

Managed Server Colocation Services for Your Small Business

The main goal for your business is to grow and increase revenue, and if your expertise is not in data management – outsource it through single server colocation. Your business will be able to focus on its core activities by leaving data storage to the professionals.

Is your business in need of managed server colocation services? At Whitelabel ITSolutions, we offer quarter racks, half racks, and full racks for your business needs. We will work with you to provide the best colocation solution by creating custom plans and quotes. Contact us at 201-425-4060 with your colocation requirements so we can determine the best solution for your colocation needs.

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