The Importance of 100Gbps Capacity!
The Importance of 100Gbps Capacity!

As the Internet of things grows, is your current bandwidth going to be enough?

As businesses expand – they naturally consume and generate more data that needs to be transported on and off premise. Where traditional networks simply supported low-complexity traffic – the network of today and tomorrow needs to handle communications, cloud-based services, an influx of connected devices, and increasing streaming of higher-and-higher quality media content. Network delay and latency become critical – as does the secure and rapid transport of data for highly regulated entities like governments, utilities, financial institutions and healthcare providers. While 10 Gigabit service or even 40 Gigabit service once seemed like it would be more than enough – the trends are clear, you’ll need faster network service in the near future.

100 Gigabit – the new standard

Long-haul and metro carriers are embracing 100 Gigabit (100G) as the new standard for transport. Recent projections by Heavy Reading and Infonetics forecast 100G bandwidth deployments to outstrip 10G deployments by a factor of 3 in the next 4 years, while 40G deployments remain essentially the same. That’s remarkable. And while 40G has been a logical intermediate step for the past few years, the falling costs of 100G deployments is such that the lowest cost per transmitted bit now lies in 100G. 100G simply affords businesses the flexibility for unparalleled expansion as their bandwidth needs increase.

Speed & Capacity
Designed specifically to transport enormous amounts of data. Addresses the need for high capacity solutions to
support growth in traffic. Bandwidth “on-demand” to address unprecedented and unrelenting bandwidth requirements.

Reduce Cost & Complexity
Reduce complexity of network management requirements and TCO while improving performance. Creates efficiency: less equipment, fewer circuits to manage = operational efficiency.

Update network infrastructure to meet high-bandwidth, delay-sensitive application requirements. Future scale infrastructure with seamless upgrade paths. Access to technical and business support to advise through the upgrade process, from network planning to deployment & optimization.

Capable of scaling dynamically, while delivering the level of performance necessary for the traffic type and end-user business requirements. Increased resilience enabled by extensively diverse and redundant network routing.

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