The Steep Cost Of Outages And Subpar Data Center Management
The Steep Cost Of Outages And Subpar Data Center Management

Competition is fierce and downtime can damage a business reputation in seconds; the cost of unplanned downtime is simply too steep to accept. Outages in general are the result of many problems like hardware failures or network issues; the impact of it will depend on a great number of variables for example eCommerce businesses and banks have the highest downtime costs due to their high-volume data transactions.

Downtime’s that are due to infrastructure failures, can be simply solve by constantly upgrade your technology and systems which overall will be cheaper than repairing your equipment over and over again. Other cost may include labor cost since employees will not be able to complete any task at all not to mention the customer loss of trust and confidence over your services. There is no way to precisely measure the cost of an outage but it is certain that unplanned downtime is steep and preventing it is a must.

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