Small Businesses: Easy Targets For Hackers
Small Businesses: Easy Targets For Hackers

If you believe your small business is safe from a cyberattack, think again. These are in fact the hackers’ first choice when it comes to compromising your data.

Today from big to small, businesses of all sizes have included technology in their day to day activities which makes then targets to cyber-attacks. Believe or not small businesses are the most wanted targets for these cyber-criminals; you must we wondering why? Well, this sometimes opens a door; usually this kind of attacks to small businesses has a hidden goal of breaching into a larger company that might be connected to it. Another reason is that bigger companies have more resources to protect themselves from these kinds of threats. These breaches have a catastrophic impact in small businesses not just due to the data being stolen but also because most companies run out of business from the result of expensive lawsuits among others.

If you own a small business right now you must be thinking about how expensive cyber-security resources are but there are a few things that you can do and that are FREE for example:

  • Passwords are your first line of defense, create secure passwords include punctuations, numbers and even mix up upper and lower case letter to make them safer; never allow same password for applications and computers.
  • Educate and train your personal, don´t download suspicious attachments or open emails from suspicious people. Never ever download software from unknown links.
  • Install antivirus; computers need an antivirus to detect malicious codes within emails, attachments, downloaded files, websites, etc. Antivirus databases are updated frequently to keep its software potent enough to identify latest threats.

Unfortunately all of the above is not an exact science that will stop your company from being hacked but it is a start in preventing this from happening. Cybersecurity has to be a priority to your IT strategy, make no mistake, not tying at least to prevent a cyber-crime; failing to protect your user´s information not only will damage your business image and credibility but can also end up in jail time. Whitelabel ITSolutions have all you need to keep your business secure with security services at the most accessible prices in America.

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