Set Up a Custom Email Address for Your Business
Set Up a Custom Email Address for Your Business

A custom email address for your business increases trust among your clients, setting it up with your service provider is easy.

A strong online presence is extremely important nowadays, a custom business email not only promotes your brand but also increases the trust among your clients, setting it up with your service provider takes only a few steps. Every business has one, or more, mediums of communications. These mediums can be internal (like communication between staff members), or external (communication with customers or clients). They can be even be one-to-one or one-to-groups. No matter what is your company’s choice of communication, there’s no other more reliable, and professional, than the email.

Emails still hold a leading role in markets today. They’re not only important for internal affairs, they’re also the foundation of many marketing campaigns. Emails are a solid proof of communication, and also, a more personal and professional means of contacting clients. 

For these reasons, it is essential to have an official custom business email. It not only looks good; it also provides customers with a sense of security when being contacted by an official agent. A generic email that anyone can create will never offer that sense of confidence. An official email address helps to cement your brand in the minds of your customers, it adds credibility, and also builds a relationship. A custom email goes hand-in-hand with a domain and a website.


A domain is basically a small fraction of the internet that is being managed by you or your company. A domain name is the label that you give to that fraction. Normally, a domain name the combination of your business name and an internet suffix (like .com, .net, etc.). A domain is the backbone for your email, it’s the force behind it. It’s where your communication with your staff and customers starts. Whichever your domain name is, it’s how your customers find you online, and it’s the cornerstone of your online Web presence. If you don’t have a domain, it’s easy to get one from a service provider. When looking for domain hosting (for a service provider), make sure they’re reliable, accountable and efficient. That they have a highly-skilled professional team that excels at designing and implementing the perfect solution for your personal or business needs. Of course, they need to provide efficient connectivity and security; along with managed services to make your life easier. 


Now that we already talked about a domain, lets discuss a website. If you don’t have one yet, follow the same recommendations mentioned before to choose your webhost. You’ll definitely want a service provider that offers both domain hosting and web hosting. Your website will be the object of your emails; you’ll want to direct the attention towards it, as it will showcase your goods and/or services. 

Custom Business Email

With all that said, we’d like to give you a quick guide on how to set up your custom email address and its benefits.

  1. Quick custom email set up
  • Choose a reliable service provider.
  • Pick your domain name (your service provider should have a textbox in their website where you can enter your desired domain name). 
  • Select the plan that best fits your needs (ideally, your service provider should at least offer 3 standard plans and have the availability of custom plans for you). 
  • You’re done! Quick and simple!
  1. Benefits of a custom business email
  • Projects professionalism.
  • Develops confidence and security in your customers.
  • Promotes your brand.
  • Endorses constant and efficient communication.

As you can see, the benefits of having a custom business email are plenty, and has no drawbacks. What are you waiting for?

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