Remote Hands Service With Colocation
Remote Hands Service With Colocation

Remote hands is a service that allows you to do simple tasks with your server without actually having to physically be at the location. What this means is that you can call Whitelabel ITSolutions on the phone and ask us to work on your machine for you. Tell us what you want done and a designated technician will go to your server and perform the task that you need completed.

Whitelabel ITSolutions Remote Hands tasks:

  • Provide on-site technical assistance
  • Provide Equipment installations
  • Remove and install interface cards
  • Test carrier circuits
  • Take inventory of equipment, recording digital pictures and serial numbers
  • Run a power cycle on a router, server or switch; soft-boot a server
  • Move equipment within your space and cabinets
  • Install ladder racking, pre-wire patch panels and equipment
  • Assemble, install and maintain cabling
  • Verify cable integrity on installed media
  • Provide visual verifications
  • Install, replace or remove equipment, such as a router, switch card, disk drive, memory, etc.
  • Assist in the conference room and AV equipment setup
  • Add, remove or verify a demarcation
  • Assist with un-crating equipment from boxes and ship replaced equipment
  • Extend patch cables from the patch panel to equipment
  • Scheduled maintenance available
  • Availability is 24/7

Whitelabel ITSolutions expert technical staff is prepared to give you a hand with your needs. Availability for remote hands service is 24/7. Every on-site technician has the expertise to handle all of the above mentioned tasks, as well as the expertise to handle any unexpected difficulties that may occur.

All of our colocation packages comes with Basic Remote hands free, which includes Reboots, Hardware troubleshooting, network troubleshooting. If you require Remote hands such us OS install or any specific configurations, please visit our Managed Services page and we can answer all questions. If your needs are more complex and have not been discussed please contact us and Whitelabel ITSolutions will do our best to accommodate all needs.

About Us

Established in 2015, Whitelabel ITSolutions is one of the most reliable collocation hosting providers in the United States. With our main data centers in New Jersey, Whitelabel ITSolutions is staffed with a certified team of engineers with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted collocation hosting service. Whether you need a server, backup services or a place to host your full IT infrastructure, Whitelabel ITSolutions will be able to provide a plan for you all with an unparalleled 24/7 customer support available whenever and wherever our clients need it.


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