Provider Neutral Is The New Carrier Neutral In Colocation
Provider Neutral Is The New Carrier Neutral In Colocation

Colocation facility services are evolving as well is not just about the power and cooling is about service provider and customer. Data centers are now beyond carrier neutrality and today the term Provider Neutrality is more suitable. This is because businesses in general want special features for their providers that they themselves may not have in house.

Before the interaction between services provider was limited mainly within carrier hotels, but now colocation centers partnered with a wider source of telecom carriers making then carrier neutral. This option empowered customers to demand a variety of network service providers and choose the carrier neutral that best meet their requirements. Since customers are using specialty providers for security, disaster recovery, cloud and various managed services data centers have become a place where businesses not only enjoy a wide range of carriers to choose from but also have a variety of solution providers; this is the reason why today provider neutral is the new carrier neutral.

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