Meeting Pandemic Era Digital Service Needs With Colocation
Meeting Pandemic Era Digital Service Needs With Colocation

New York and New Jersey colocation facilities have met the changing needs and the uptick in colocation usage during the COVID-19 outbreak. But the reality of the pandemic’s long-term implications for permanent remote work, telehealth, distance education, and more are now becoming clear. This shift is once again redefining the role of colocation services in New Jersey once gain for businesses. In the broader pandemic picture across the country, over 30 states are now identified as COVID-19 hotspots. This puts yet another burden on businesses that now must rely on teleconferencing to do business with others from outside the area because of the quarantine rule.

Healthcare and education are just two sectors that are scrambling to meet bandwidth, server, and cloud connectivity demands to support expanded telehealth and distance learning needs due to the pandemic. Healthcare’s need for real-time, patient interaction, and health data, through telemedicine is part of the new normal for improving patient care and outcomes. Many facilities understand that server capacity, bandwidth, and interconnectivity are vital to changing needs and uninterrupted connections for telehealth.

Primary to post-secondary education institutions are being challenged as they look to a present and long-term future of remote education where internal data centers may not be up to handling the load. The bandwidth and server capacity needs for remote learning solutions and online learning access portals will be a challenge for the foreseeable future. With physical distancing seemingly here to stay for some time, these institutions need cost effective ways to fulfill education needs.The needs for education, business, and healthcare will require ramping up capacity to ensure IT infrastructure can meet demand for future services such as telehealth, teleconferencing, remote collaboration/application access, and virtual learning.

Regardless of sector or size, the need for businesses to meet changing needs goes well beyond any localized customer base or offices. By partnering with Whitelabel ITSolutions, these sectors can meet the broader needs for virtualization, bandwidth, and remote IT support. These services can help the business maintain control while still meeting the needs in a socioeconomic pandemic landscape.

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