Is 5G Technology Dangerous?
Is 5G Technology Dangerous?

The technology world has been ranting about the possibilities of 5G technology. There is always lot of energy around the release of new technology. The buzz around 5G still hasn’t come down, but now the buzz has taken a turn and is around the negative impact and serious concern about the potential health risks.

The main argument is that because 5G technology is using such high-frequency radio airwaves that dangerous levels of radiation could be possible. The fear that radiation from 5G wireless technology being dangerous to public health has been circulating for some time. But many people claim that these are merely conspiracies. CNET believes 5G is most likely not making anyone sick. Concerns like these aren’t new when it comes to new technology. These concerns also took place with inventions like cellphones and the microwave. New technology can often spark some of these doubts and concerns.

5G technology promises to improve our network and how we connect to everything digitally. It seems as though most people believe 5G technology is most likely harmless. Many people believe that as long as equipment complies with the Federal Communications Commission 5G should be safe. Technological advancements are always welcome and will drive the world into new territory, but the world’s health and safety are always more important. No matter the perspective the fact remains there should be more studies done.

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