Improving Cyber-security For Remote Workers

Improving Cyber-security For Remote Workers

In the wake of COVID-19, enabling employees to work remotely represented a major solution, however for cyber-criminal it open a window for new opportunities.

Due to the current pandemic, employees were forced into a remote work environment. All are connected to the company’s network from home, giving many cyber-criminals a chance for a breach. Beyond the company walls instead of using their standard issue machine, many employees are using laptops, smartphones and any other device that enables them to do their work.

Very often these same devices are used by their  children to play or surf the net, leaving them open to potentially dangerous threats. This situation has created security concerns since it is more difficult than ever to maintain an organizational cyber-security posture.

Hackers are taking advantage of this situation and are developing new ways to fulfill their malicious purpose. The main problem is that home devices lack all the layers of security that office machines have. Since home devices represent a major risk because there is no proper remote network configurations, other measures need to be implemented.

Your company should instruct employees to avoid opening any suspicious and/or unknown emails. For now, remote workers should stop sharing their personal and financial information with anyone via email or text. For internal communication, organizations should encourage their personal to avoid the use of messaging apps and instead they should use encrypted services.

Although the worst security habits that employees naturally develop while working at home are not major, sometimes they can make home security network more vulnerable to threats. Ensuring your team remains as prepared as possible requires scheduling time to train, even remotely. Taking proper security measures to avoid any potencial risk and protect your company’s sensitive data is crucial; Whitelabel ITSolutions has top of the line security services that will add more value to your cyber-security practices.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 also rises new cyber-threats, organizations across the world must implement all the security measures available, as well as creating awareness among their workforce.