How Remote Management Tools Help Colocation Customers
How Remote Management Tools Help Colocation Customers

The pandemic the world is continuing to face is also putting data center infrastructure on display. Although data centers are considered an essential business, most facilities are not allowing customers or vendors in the building. This also includes staff that manages the company’s data center inside colocation facilities. All of these regulations are in place to keep the virus out of the facilities and to help stop the spread of it as well. But because of remote monitoring that many colocation providers have in place, the colocation customers are doing just fine.

Remote monitoring has been crucial throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Most colocation customers can monitor their servers as well as cooling updates, networks, physical and digital security, and more. Remote monitoring and monitoring software not only make sure machines are working properly, but it can also give you real-time information on the state of all machines including security. Any disturbances or attempted security breaches are received and reported instantaneously. Monitoring software can let users know everything happening inside of the network. And because of this, security breaches are more likely to stop beforehand.

Another benefit of having remote monitoring is the ability to limit user access. Whether it be reasons for limiting the access regularly to protect sensitive information or mandated quarantine due to a global pandemic. Limiting user access can protect sensitive and valuable information by permitting a smaller group of admin users.

Lastly, remote monitoring can save money on travel expenses. IT professionals, administrators, and users can all save money by accessing servers remotely. If examining or repairing servers can be done from any location, travel expenses can be lowered significantly. Because of this, any changes or emergencies can be communicated and handled by the team from wherever they may be. This makes the entire operation faster and more efficient.

We are all living in unprecedented times. Social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantine protocols are changing the way companies do business.  Even as essential infrastructure, data centers are cutting the number of people working inside of the facility. This is why remote monitoring has become so incredibly important for the industry. But even when this global pandemic is over, the value and convenience provided by remote monitoring cannot be denied. There are many benefits to remote management and remote monitoring. From 24/7 security monitoring, limiting user access, saving on travel expenses, and servicing from any location, remote monitoring can be beneficial for many different people and businesses.

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