How COVID-19 Will Affect the IT Industry?
How COVID-19 Will Affect the IT Industry?

With this recent health crisis that affect us all, many are fearing a possible network failure that will add more tension to an already concerned population. 

China and Italy have been so far the most affected countries, and although many measures have been in place to try to contain the situation… the virus is spreading fast all around the world. Governments worldwide are implementing numerous actions like to make citizens stay at home in hopes of avoiding the disease to spread even more; but many are wondering if this particular situation could break the internet. Now, the amount of traffic on the network around the world has increase over the last months specially since this disease started hitting hard other countries outside of China; but certainly the systems have hold their ground and are not being overwhelmed so the risk of a imminent failure is minimum. Compare to the amount of traffic handle by ISP during big events like the Super Bowl or the Olympic Games, the network has been coping with the demand required so far.

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to develop and hit hard world powers and anything in between, data centers play a critical role in maintaining a safe and secure digital infrastructure during this time of crisis. As data centers also take measures in order to protect their employees, customers, facilities and mission-critical workloads, they are at the same time handling large amounts of traffic as more customers move their daily operations online and employees transition to remote work environments.

As a company committed to our clientele, Whitelabel ITSolutions is also taking all the measures required to keep our employees and customers safe, and at the same time continue to provide reliable services minimizing disruption to your operations. We are taking all precautions in line with local and national authorities, public health advice, and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Additionally, we’ll continue to enhance our procedures, as necessary, to make sure we are acting in the best interests of our employees and customers. We are actively monitoring this situation and all precautions that we take will not affect our capability to deliver services to you or your ability to access your equipment. However, we will keep you inform about the current crisis and how we will be handling it as it develops in the future.

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