How Can Whitelabel ITSolutions’ Connectivity Help You?
How Can Whitelabel ITSolutions’ Connectivity Help You?

With today´s new technology the world spins faster now than it did before; companies are forced to find new ways to be more competitive and connectivity might be your ticket to success.

Data centers are more than just data storage; the modern data center has become a connectivity hub, delivering colocation solutions with unimaginable possibilities when it comes to building customer´s network. Although power and cooling are a part of colocation features, connectivity can truly improveyour business; so choosing the right provider might be all you need to succeed. Before going for the first option you come across, go for the colocation partner that offers:

  • A carrier neutral data center. It embraces the concept of connectivity to the fullest by offering clientele access to a variety of service providers and internet service providers; carrier neutral data center provide the flexibility you need to scale and adapt to changing business needs.
  • Interconnection environment. Single carrier data centers are good but a sturdy connectivity requires more than just a couple of vendors; companies looking for building reliable network data solutions need a colocation environment that offers flexibility and opportunity. When there are many providers in a data center, customers’ benefit from better pricing and faster connectivity.
  • Cross-connections. A data center cross connect is a direct, point-to-point connection between two hardware assets in a facility; in other words a cross connect consists of a physical cable running directly from one server to another. It completely cuts out any intermediaries and ensures that nothing stands between the customer and a vendor’s respective networks by doing so keeping latency issues to a minimum.
  • Infrastructure. Connectivity will closely depend on a data center infrastructure; poor power and cooling systems can cause servers to go down damaging your business revenue and reputation. A reliable facility gives a robust infrastructure guaranteeing uptime.

Choosing a colocation provider with all the infrastructure capabilities to provide strong connectivity solutions is perhaps the most important decision your business will make in order to succeed. Whitelabel ITSolutions has connections to Tier1 providers, as well as multiple Internet Exchanges to ensure lowest latency and highest uptime for its clients. Leverage direct connections and gain access to hundreds of businesses within our data centers.

About Us

Established in 2015, Whitelabel ITSolutions is one of the most reliable collocation hosting providers in the United States. With our main data centers in New Jersey, Whitelabel ITSolutions is staffed with a certified team of engineers with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted collocation hosting service. Whether you need a server, backup services or a place to host your full IT infrastructure, Whitelabel ITSolutions will be able to provide a plan for you all with an unparalleled 24/7 customer support available whenever and wherever our clients need it.


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