The High Cost Of In-House IT Infrastructure
The High Cost Of In-House IT Infrastructure

Is well known to everyone in the IT business that in-house infrastructure is very expensive and time consuming. Maintaining and managing your own servers, a proper cooling system, power, network among many other things are not an easy task and sometimes can be overwhelming to even the most experienced technician.

A modern IT environment is becoming a critical success factor for companies in most industries. Internal and external customers expect consistent service quality, which in theory should be easy to deliver with the right systems in place. In reality, however, many IT facilities struggle on this front mostly because the main problem they face is ageing infrastructure that continues to be outgrown in complexity as more and more applications are added to it and as we said before updating or even thinking about building your own infrastructure will mean investing a substantial amount of cash. Today there are other options like running your servers at a data center facility that could save you a lot of money. The ways that you can take advantage of these options is for instance the building design, containment and electricity rates. Data centers are design to be efficient like for cooling IT loads; also when a data center fills up, the use of containment strategies is an effective approach to energy management; with a data center service you will enjoy industrial electricity rates which is often the lowest because of cost of service. In-house IT infrastructure may be great for a large company but if you are running a small one you might need to consider other options.

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