Get Back On Your Feet After COVID-19 Lockdown With Whitelabel ITSolutions’ Sales
Get Back On Your Feet After COVID-19 Lockdown With Whitelabel ITSolutions’ Sales

After the lockdown commerce is picking up slowly and the ones suffering the most are the small entrepreneurs, which is why here at Whitelabel ITSolutions we have an offer that you can´t miss.

US has begun to lift the restrictions put in place to contain the coronavirus pandemic and although opinions are divided in this matter many believe that if lockdown goes any longer the economy will crash; on the other hand, many have argued that is too soon to reopen since the chances of a second peak of COVID-19 will increase and as a result the economic impact will be devastating.

But while politicians are too busy contradicting each other, one thing is for sure, many businesses are struggling to get by and if something isn’t done soon many won´t last, especially the small entrepreneurs. In order to save the livelihood, not just for them, but for their employees as well, many small business owners are deciding to take the government´s initiative to reopen but taking all the precautions necessary to keep everyone safe.

However the biggest challenge will be ensuring that you run your business efficiently despite all the restrictions; everyone has to be on board with the measures established in order to keep everybody safe like reducing foot traffic to your store, keeping a 6 feet distance between each person, constant sanitation of all areas, protective screens at the cash register and these are just a few of the protocols demanded by the government to allow you to open your business.

Even if you reopen right away, it is a fact that business will be slow but there are other ways in which you can complement and increase your income, considering that during the lockdown many of your customer´s shopping habits changed to an online environment. Whitelabel ITSolutions understand the struggling, you´re going through to keep your business afloat, but in order to survive you need to adapt as well and it might be time to take your business to the next level and go online. Our web hosting solutions are the best, and since we really want to help small businesses get back on their feet, we are offering an incredible 50% off for 3 months on our cPanel Starter plan.

After COVID-19 we need to understand that we are stepping into a brand-new world; the people´s behavior will change, and we´ll all learn on the go as long as we have compassion and empathy towards each other. Don´t miss this opportunity that only Whitelabel ITSolutions has especially for you; set up your website today with our cPanel Starter plan and enjoy full benefits for half of its price during 3 months.

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