Dedicated Server Hosting vs Colocation – Which One Works For Me?
Dedicated Server Hosting vs Colocation – Which One Works For Me?

Many are wondering the differences between dedicated server hosting and colocation services, but to fully understand which one works best for you, you must first know what each is about. While both of them are on lease, one has the entire data center to himself while the other one shares it with others.

A dedicated hosting service is when a single client leases an entire server housed in an off-site data center that is dedicated entirely for their own use and without sharing the facility with others; while colocation is when a client chooses to lease a rack or a cabinet in an highly secured off-site data center to house their server hardware and shares the use of the facility and its services with other colocation customers.

But that’s not all when it comes to the differences between this two; some advantages offer by a colocation service is that you will enjoy higher bandwidth, you decide between the hardware and software your server will run on, flexibility and scalability and much more. With a Dedicated server you will have the best server performance simply because you will not share the system resources like power, disk space and memory with other customers since the entire facility is for yourself. Choosing the best for you is only a matter of knowing your needs and deciding which services suits you best.

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