How To De-clutter Your Digital Space
How To De-clutter Your Digital Space

Today there are plenty of ways to store your data; computers, tablets, phones, cloud space have made storage not just easy and simple but also available for everyone. We live in a digital world our devices in general can get sometimes overloaded these prevent us from finding documents, images among other things that we really need and is when it is time to de-clutter our digital spaces.

Just exactly like trimming the branches of a tree or cleaning our closets, our digital spaces need to be de-clutter or in other words, we need to get rid of all unnecessary documents, images and more that we have in them. Erase documents that are no longer needed; eliminate apps that you haven’t used in a month or two let’s face it you will not use them again. Use a program to clean your hard drive, organized your information in files having a place for everything reduces time, delete pictures or images that are no longer need in all your devices and cloud services; unsubscribe from email advertisements, clean your inbox and outbox regularly to prevent it from overloads. Even your social media is part of your digital spaces, it may sound harsh but de-friend people that is not in your life anymore. Finally make this a regular thing, that way you won’t spend an entire day cleaning your digital space.

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