Data Centers Must Look Past Perimeter Security
Data Centers Must Look Past Perimeter Security

With the availability of technology rapidly increasing, the risks of cyber-attacks are growing bigger by the minute. Data centers are the main target of cyber-criminal all over the world, and connectivity is constantly being tested as a security measure to protect against threats over the internet. While data centers are always looking over perimeter security solutions to reduce risk of new cyber-crimes, is not all they have to focus their concerns on.

Data centers have established layers of security around the perimeter that work together in depth with the idea that if one layer doesn’t catch something, the next one will; and although this have been effective to detect attacks there are always ways to breach perimeter. Data centers today strive to keep their data private while running applications both on premise and off it; currently attacks come from new and unexpected places and data centers today have to change from security that only focuses on detection to security that relies on prevention.

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