Data Center Resiliency In A Post-Pandemic World
Data Center Resiliency In A Post-Pandemic World

Understanding the importance of data center solutions can help you anticipate and overcome future crisis.

These last two years have been hard on everyone. Friendships have been distanced; businesses have been suffering. This pandemic caught everyone by surprise. No one foresaw this situation coming, and in that sense, it was much worse than some natural disasters. Like any other occupation, data centers have been affected by the confinement… and the new norm of things. Fortunately, data center reliability and resiliency have not ceased to operate, and here, at White label IT Solutions, we have taken special care to keep our services and priorities in line with the highest standards. 

Whitelabel IT Solutions strongly believes that data centers, and their resiliency, is the future of online business models. Data center resiliency is the distinct ability to recover quickly and continue operations after unforeseen circumstances happen. These circumstances can include anything from a power outage to a pandemic quarantine. During said quarantine, new habits and practices of making business have grown; most of them dependent on a data center provider. In a post-pandemic world, the resilience of data centers may very well mean the livelihood of many businesses. 

How does it work? How can data centers adapt to difficult scenarios? The main method is through redundant components. This means that several components of a data center work together to tackle one task. So, if one component experiences an interruption, the others pick up the work. This transition is done as smoothly as possible as to not interrupt a business’ operations. If a power outage occurs, (ideally) the data center has a power plant ready to kick in while the situation diffuses. The allocation of computer clusters (groups) can do wonders. As one computer may become non-operational, the remaining ones continue to work, picking up where the other left off. On a much larger scale, if all contingency plans are not working, certain colocation (colo) providers are able to move their setup from one facility to another. This may seem drastic, but if it means restoring the data flow of a customer, it’s well worth the effort. As you can see, the key to data center resiliency depends on all elements working together in unison. 

Why is this resiliency important? According to a 2016 Ponemon Institute research report, the costs of data center outages could escalate to $2.4 million for any company. Resilience is your greatest contingency plan against unplanned events. However, resiliency is not a given thing, it must be worked for. You need to hire the data center services of a professional and committed provider; an established company, skillful with data center solutions, and of course, with established and functional plans.

Some aspects that you need to be aware about when hiring a provider include:

  1. Modern operations: Your provider should be up to date with their protocols and regulations, not to mention the best possible equipment around.
  2. Hardware: No serious provider would ever offer outdated server hardware; much less software deficiency. 
  3. Training: You need to hire the services of a certified, responsible, and dedicated provider.

We, at Whitelabel IT Solutions, take pride in meeting all of these characteristics. We gather highly trained and resourceful personnel in our data centers. We offer high-end data center services which scale from colocation, to managed servers, to disaster recovery plans. The value of our services lies not only on our scalable prices, but on the peace-of-mind we strive to bring to our customers. 

Lastly, and we don’t want you to forget about this, in this post-pandemic world, your provider should also be able to anticipate any crisis. Your data center provider should be able to prepare for future mishaps, adapt to changes, and protect your business.

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