cPanel and Plesk 2022 Price Increases
cPanel and Plesk 2022 Price Increases

An uproar over price raises has brought attention to the webhosting panels CPanel and Plesk. Are they still worth the investment? The answer is surprising.

A couple of months ago, cPanel and Plesk, announced that their service licenses would see a rise in price effective January 1rst, 2022. This, of course, has brought some massive attention towards the control panel tools, some of it not so good. Many are questioning if the tools are worth the investment. Let’s take a look at the situation, and explain why the answer might surprise many.

First, lets talk about what cPanel and Plesk do for server management. A server is a computer (often more powerful and larger than your average house computer) where the data of a company is stored. Some servers house massive amounts of information, and it may become complicated to organize and access (manage) all that data. cPanel and Plesk are, in the simplest of terms, control panels (interphases) that interact with the person in charge of them. They simplify the tasks of organizing and processing data.

These panels also allow you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more. As you can see, these tools become invaluable as IT solutions (IT meaning the use of computers to create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information). Many web hosting providers offer cPanel and Plesk in their hosting plans because they simplify the work of server management for their clients. Prices for these tools may vary between hosting providers, so be sure to hire services that are established, professional, and that allow you to grow cost-effectively. Your provider should offer a vast array of tools that allow getting your website up and running.

So, does the price raise justify the use of cPanel and Plesk? The answer is a surprising yes. We have to start by mentioning that professional IT solutions providers like Whitelabel IT Solutions are trying to maintain the price of their plans and still offer cPanel and Plesk as fully managed control panel options. So, they’re absorbing some of the price changes for the tools.  Another aspect to consider is that cPanel and Plesk are bringing a promise of an update with more functionality and stability. We will have to wait for January 1rst to enjoy these improved features.

Lastly, yet most importantly, the other management alternatives are just not good enough. Users from other control panels are constantly reporting bugs, lagging of the interphase, or just poor development of the program. Perhaps the biggest offense from these other options is that many of their IPs (your internet identity) have been blacklisted. Blacklisting happens for several reasons, but most of the time for unacceptable behavior. This brings us back full circle to cPanel and Plesk as the best options for small and large businesses alike. Simply put, functionality and effectiveness have no price.

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