Colocation Types: Rack vs Cabinet
Colocation Types: Rack vs Cabinet

There are plenty of colocation solutions available in the market today, but before hiring a services make sure to know which one will suit you the best.

You want to invest your money wisely by renting space in a data center facility, but the amount of choices for colocation solutions are plenty and you are not quite sure which one to choose. As you go on digging deeper in all the colocation services available you will come across terms like Rack and Cabinet; you might even think that they both serve the same purpose so they are the same thing. Let me tell you that that´s not the case, they both accommodate server equipment but there are some fundamental difference between the two.

  • A server rack is a structure which is built with a series of shelves stacked one above another. It has an open frame designed for mounting multiple electronic equipment modules to hold servers and IT equipment like: PSU, motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc. It´s size will vary a little depending on the manufacturer but the industry standard is 19 inches wide and 36 inches deep.
  • Cabinets on the other hand serve the same purpose as rack do, by holding multiple electronic equipment and gears; but its main difference is that cabinets are enclosed on all sides with doors and panels. A cabinet measuring around 20U or 24U is considered a standard half cabinet while a 42U is a standard full cabinet.

When talking about advantages between these two, cabinets have the lead in security; while racks are open and have better air flow; cabinets are enclosed with doors that can be locked providing a better security. In terms of size since racks are open it has a lot more space when compared to an enclosed cabinet. Another point for racks is that in case you have many cables to deal with, organizing them is much easier with this type of colocation solution than with a server cabinet. We all know that server equipment heats over time and ventilation might be a concern in your mind right now but both (racks and cabinets) offer great ventilation systems to keep your gear cool. Racks are open and allow air flow and even though cabinets are enclosed they come with clever ventilation systems for optimal cooling. Pricing is another issue to consider when choosing between a rack and a cabinet; racks are rented depending on the units you require so price will vary depending on your needs, while cabinets are a bit more expensive due to the privacy and security they offer.

At Whitelabel ITSolutions we offer many colocation solutions. We will elaborate a colocation package that´s right for your business; whether you require rack space or cabinet our team of industry experts will work hard to design customized managed colocation solutions to fit your needs in our world-class facilities.

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