Colocation: The Multiple Meanings of Managed Services
Colocation: The Multiple Meanings of Managed Services

Colocation managed services can take on different meanings depending on what you wish to hire. Avoid making mistakes by understanding how colocation works.

A few decades ago, the word “internet” sounded like a whisper out of a science fiction movie. Today, we’re all aware of the internet presence in our lives. More so, how it has influenced our ways of making business. Many companies, big and small, have realized the importance of having an online presence and better yet a server at their disposal. A server is computer, or even computer software, that store critical information for your online transactions. A situation arrives when a company is in need of a personal server but has nowhere to put it. Enter the Colocation Model (colo).

In collocation, you rent the physical space that will host your server inside the data center of your colocation provider. This arrangement allows you to keep full control over your server, while enjoying the benefits of someone else being responsible for it. In many of these collocation arrangements, it is the provider that runs with the hassles of maintaining server management. A managed service means that the managed hosting provider must take care of the cooling, security, and maintenance of the equipment. Even more so, the managed service provider must ensure that the server is running efficiently at all times.

However, it is important to note that there are an endless number of variations to online transactions. Because of this, managed colocation services have also taken on many meanings. It is important to understand them in order to not fall into the pitfalls of online services.

The Multiple Meanings of Managed Services

The most generally accepted meaning for managed services is the outsourcing for IT (information technology) elements. Because your equipment is being “managed” by a separate firm, you pay a monthly fee. You’re hiring an IT department without legally making them part of your business. In some cases, “managed” services refer to how automated tools (machines that work automatically) are in charge of your server. These providers have little to do with the maintenance part and only take action when it is necessary to do so manually. It’s an efficient but rather impersonal practice. In other cases, managed services only make reference to how a firm coaches a business through the process of server installation. They have nothing to do with the installation or colocation, they’re simply there as a consultant figure.

Ultimately, the meaning behind managed services can only be defined by what you’re looking to hire. More often than not, you end up with a hybrid (combination) of all that was mentioned before. Ideally, you want a simplification of the process; which can only be achieved by hiring the right colocation provider.

How Can Managed Services Help your business.

Colocation and its managed services will undoubtedly help your business expand into new markets. Your presence near your desired market will always be an advantage. To do so, look for a managed colocation services provider that not only has experience in the matter, but will also lend its consultant services to your favor. It’s necessary to remember that when looking for a provider, your final choice must prove to be a professional and devoted partner to your cause.

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