Remote Hands

Remote Hands: Remote IT Help

Whitelabel ITSolutions Remote Hands allows you to quickly respond to emergencies, reduce travel time to and from our data center, improve equipment uptime and reduce the cost of infrastructure management. This allows you to stay focused on what matters: your service offering and customers.

Certain Tasks Need Immediate Attention – Let Our Remote Hands Help

You’ll have access to highly qualified IT professionals who will perform a wide variety of services from basic troubleshooting tasks to equipment installation in your Whitelabel ITSolutions space. Our Network Operations Centers are staffed 24/7, thus we can typically be in your cage in a matter of moments to take care of your requests. That is what our Remote Hands do.

When choosing a collocation partner, technical and talented remote hands and eyes services should be part of your decision-making process. Whitelabel ITSolutions believes that the support we provide beyond our world class infrastructure helps drive the value you receive and makes operating your IT infrastructure more efficient.

Whitelabel ITSolutions IT professionals are prepared to handle any issue that may occur, even issues that may not be mentioned on this page. Contact us and we can handle any issues or questions that you may have about our Remote Hands services.


Remote Hands staff can verify device physical status, swap modular equipment, plug-in serial cables and more.

Functions performed include cross connect termination and moving, securing or dressing existing cabling.

Tasks such as installing equipment, moving or discarding boxes or hardware – and cleaning of customer collocation space can be performed.

Full or partial deployment audits, device labeling, photographing space or equipment and cross connect tracing can be performed.

Packing, labeling, unpacking and inventory of boxes and equipment can be performed by Remote Hands staff.

Functions may range from circuit testing and diagnostics to circuit migrations, IP assignment, signal checks and cable swaps.

Whitelabel ITSolutions technicians perform troubleshooting, verify device status or “heartbeat checks”, swap equipment, plug-in serial cables, work with you using team viewer and more.

24/7 availability by phone, email or web-based Customer Portal.


Standard Features Include:

  • Managed Services
  • On-Demand Security Assessment
  • Updates for Supported Software as Requested
  • On-Demand DNS Management
  • All the Latest OS
  • Optional Control Panels
  • Expedited Setup
  • No fee for basic OS Reinstall
  • Adding Additional IPs to the Server
  • Repair of Major issues with Pre-Installed Software
  • Ping/Service Monitoring