Colocation Industry Shifts To Working From Home
Colocation Industry Shifts To Working From Home

Data center providers are adjusting to doing all sorts of business remotely as a solution due to the current pandemic.

Data centers are considered critical services, which is why providers have maintain only needed staff to be able to run the infrastructure as the COVID-19 pandemic grows stronger. In everyone’s best interest, data centers have taken many other measures to contain any possible spread of the virus like reducing foot traffic to their facilities, and remote hands solutions are always available for customers to manage their infrastructure remotely. But with so little staff on-site remote work has been implemented in areas like managing and sales to keep the business running.
To accomplish such task DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software is the tool needed to manage both IT equipment and facilities infrastructure. The latest DCIM platforms support secure remote access, allowing colocation providers’ employees to do much of the work from almost anywhere; but not all tasks are able to be completed remotely, if there is a failure and a part of an equipment needs to be replace a technician is required to do that job that’s the main reason why some physical presence is needed on-site.
Non-essential employees are working from home, virtual meeting are some of the ways providers are using to stay connected. The sales department on the other hand has taken a big hit from the pandemic, since they can’t visit customers or offer facility tours. But in the mist of the crisis, this departments have come up with very creative ways to keep sales going by offering virtual tours or video tours to potential customers, because despite the crisis customers are committed to keep working on their technology infrastructure since digital services are highly in demand. The few personnel that’s allow in the facilities are taking all measures required by the WHO (World Health Organization) like social distancing, restricted access to common areas and let’s not forget cleaning procedures.
Whitelabel ITSolutions as any other data center and colocation provider has been adjusting and taking all the measures to continue delivering top of the line services to our clientele during the COVID-19 crisis. Our resilient and powerful solutions together with an amazing staff is working day and night to ensure services will keep running no matter what.

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