Attributes to Look For in Your Colocation Provider
Attributes to Look For in Your Colocation Provider

More than ever before companies are outsourcing instead of building their very own data center; here we give you some ideas about what you should consider when choosing your colocation provider.

Colocation solutions is a data center facility where a customer leases space for servers and other computing hardware; where the provider facilitates the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and security among other amenities. Companies all around the world are faced with the challenge of choosing outsourcing rather than building their own data center infrastructure. Why? The answers are many; the one that represent a major reason is the significant cost savings when measured against managing an in-house server rooms; many colocation providers’ today offer practical solutions to IT needs. But with all the options available how to make the right choice? Reasons like the following are some you should consider when choosing your provider:

  • Colocation facilities should offer cooling, power and connectivity; of course you are able to purchase similar equipment but it will represent a significant investment which is why a professional colocation provider will deliver all of the above mention.
  • Electronic devices perform much better in a cool temperature and dust-free environment; a professional colocation provider will deliver high-end cooling and air filtration systems.
  • A feature that you should definitely consider when choosing your provider is security; a professional colocation provider will make sure that all your systems and equipment are protected from all natural and man-made disasters.
  • A colocation provider will managed and maintain all of your systems and equipment for you assigning expert staff to do the task.
  • Colocation providers should offer outstanding connectivity due to multiple internet service partners that deliver high performance, and reduces downtime to a minimum in case of a connection failure.
  • A professional colocation provider will offer on-site trained personal, to implement and maintain the infrastructure available.
  • Colocation providers should be able to offer scalable services, meaning that you can choose from the lowest package available and then work your way up as your business grows.

IT departments that choose colocation are able to deliver reliability and performance that meets financial goals and avoids the significant costs associated with expanding in-house infrastructures. Whitelabel ITSolutions offers managed colocation services, with a highly reliable and always available data center working on your behalf; you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.


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