8 Amazing Tips to get the Most Out of Your Colocation Services
8 Amazing Tips to get the Most Out of Your Colocation Services

Colocation services have become a mainstay in today’s business models. Here are a few pointers when choosing colocation solutions.

Colocation services have become an important part in today’s business models. Several markets big and small are using colocation services. What are some tips to keep in mind when choosing colocation solutions?

Before we dive into those tips, lets define what colocation is. Colocation, or colo, is a service that (in the simplest terms) involves renting a server (computer) from colocation provider. This server will be hosting (keeping) your website, blog, etc. The server is located and operates from the providers data center (A large housing structure. Imagine an office setting, but for computers to work in). Ideally, your server and data center are located near your target market. As your visitors check into your website, your server will respond faster to their demands… considering that it is located near them. Think of it this way, if you order a pizza, the closest store will obviously arrive first. It works the same with your website; if your server is closer to its visitors, it will answer their request faster. The quicker it answers your visitors the more traffic you’ll be able to manage. More traffic equals more potential customers, and that always means more revenue. 

Now that we have an idea of how colocation works (and why it’s so important), lets talk about some tips for choosing a provider, and get the most out of your colocation services.

  1. Colocation Space: Colocation space will be determined by your equipment set, facility minimums, and regulatory requirements (if applicable). While the size and number of servers you want will largely determine the space you must rent inside a data center, keep an eye out for undesired facility minimums. Some facilities do require that you rent a special colocation rack; in case your server hosts sensitive information. 
  1. Colocation Power: Your provider should be able to tell you exactly the amount of power your server needs. Remember that your server is located inside the providers data center. They will be providing the power for it, so always look for a reliable, professional, and experienced provider. Preferably one with some years of experience. 
  1. Internet Bandwidth: Look for a provider that can supply an internet connection characterized by speed. Preferably a provider with 99% recorded uptime and that allows your business to achieve exceptional performance. 
  1. Location: Remember you want to be as close as possible to your market. If that can’t be helped look for a provider with connectivity to multiple other providers. This will guarantee you reach your market, one way or the other. 
  1. Security: This is critical in order to make a choice. Security compliance and services are a great measure of a worth. Look for a provider with secure solutions.  
  1. Remote Hands: Your provider should be quick to respond to emergencies, and be able to improve equipment performance when needed, not when requested. The best data centers are always looking after their clients.
  1. Space: A serious data center should be able to comfortably accommodate your equipment inside their facility. Ideally, dedicated or shared spaces should be available. 
  1. Disaster Recovery: Over 40% of businesses do not reopen following unforeseen disasters such as fire, flood or power damage. Your supplier should have disaster recovery policies available.

These tips will allow you to get the most out of your colocation experience. It’s a no brainer, but worth mentioning, that if a provider gathers all of these tips into their offered services, then you have found a winner. Take your time and look for all these characteristics.

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